Monday, March 1, 2010

2 posts! Ravens Football and Cadence

Jace is playing FOOTBALL! Jace just started Football this past month. HE loves it. He plays on the varsity team, so the age range is from 10 to 12 years old. He is the only one on the team that hasn't played before, so he was a little bit intimadated. Jace got to choose between the Ravens and the Redskins and he chose..................
The Ravens! I was teasing him and said how can you do that to your mom, She was a Redskin and he says, "I know but this is dads sport and he didn't win the redskins team." LOL I said ok your right. Jace is doing really well for his first time playin. He plays Defensive End and Guard on Offense. Matt and I were in Vegas to spend a week with him and watch his practices. Jace was so happy that his dad was there to help him with football. He says he wants to be as good as his dad. I thought that was cute. He has such a cool uniform. Its black and purple and has a raven on the front, BELSHE is printed on the back of it and he thinks its cool. Jaces coaches are really inpressed on how well he is doing for his first time. They told Matt he has natural talent and that he is going to be really good. Matt was obvisiouly PROUD!

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Em said...

seeing your baby girl makes me want one so bad! She is so cute, and girl clothes and shoes are so fun! Looks like you guys are doing great, cant believe you live so far away. take care